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Sex, Thighs and Digital Tape – Everyone can be a pornstar

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Almost everyone loves to have sex, and many people enjoy watching it as much as they love having it. Showing your sexy side to the camera, even if just keeping the video to yourself if fun, exciting, even liberating. Affordable digital video cameras make it easy for your average everyday guy and girl to be pornstars.

Having sex is healthy and fun, watching other people having sex, or even watching yourself having sex is exciting for many people as well. It’s no wonder sex movies are so popular online and off, and it’s probably half the reason many people are buying video cameras these days.

Affordable camcorders have made it easier for the average everyday couple (and singles) to make their own home porn movies.

flip camcorder for home sex movies

flip camcorder for home sex movies

No need to take film for development elsewhere, you can make your own homemade porno movie and enjoy it on your tv instantly. Much like advent of the affordable VCR and cheap video tapes helped Americans enjoy more adult movies since they became available in the privacy of one’s home, affordable camcorders have brought out the exhibitionist / porn star in many of today’s couples; celebrities and couple’s next door alike. These days you can even shoot your home sex movie in HD quality for under $200 with the flip camcorder.

Paris Hilton made a home made sex video, and so have Pamela Anderson, and many others. I have seen statistics somewhere that said something like 60% of consumer’s bought camcorders are used for making homemade porn. I’m guessing that figure is higher, since it’s hard to get people to be honest about their sexual sides when doing phone survey’s.

Now anyone can be a pornstar. If just making a movie to watch at home, or fucking on “digital film” to share on the internet or by sending tapes and DVDs, it’s possible for just about anyone to share their naughty side with others. Webcams, cell phones, and digital video cameras are making it easy for everyone to capture some naked good times and share them. There are places to upload your home made porn flick, and places where people share, comment and vote on them. Some porn studios are even offering to buy your amateur videos and sell them via DVD around the world.

Personally, I enjoy filming myself having sex, and I enjoy editing the video to make it really hot. I have it is almost always best to have someone else hold the camera so they can zoom in and get the good shots. Watching a sex video shot from a camera that is just sitting on the dresser or even a tripod is boring. Having the closeups and zooming in and out makes it a hundreds times better. Sharing can be fun and done in many different ways.

Some people will never share their home made skin flicks, but many people share them with the world on the internet or on DVD. You can upload to free video hosting sites, or even make your own web site. You could get another company to do it for you as well. Some people edit out their faces, or wear masks when sharing home videos, and affordable video editing software makes it easy to cut out the bad stuff so you have a good video everyone will enjoy. Sharing online is fun, but not for everybody, but there are many great places to share your sexuality through digital video, just google it!

Written by Sex Movie Lover

October 23rd, 2009 at 2:15 am